Our Company

ourcompany001Elipsis Engineering & Consulting, LLC (EEC) is an engineering consulting firm that has the experience that our clients need to complete successful projects and provide the highest quality of service each client deserves.  EEC was established by Sarah Blake in February of 2009 in hopes to provide unbeatable service to our clients and stable careers for future employees.  At the time, our economy was in a severe economic downturn; businesses were failing and our society struggled with a desperately high unemployment rate.  With the challenges that we all faced in the state of the economy at that time, we believed that we had two choices to make, either to be part of the problem or part of the solution.  Sarah truly believed that we could be an integral part of the solution.  Today, what began as an idea has blossomed into a service-focused engineering consulting firm whose reputation for professionalism and execution is unparalleled.

Elipsis Engineering is unique because its leaders have structured the business to provide excellent service and nothing less.  EEC management sets very high standards for themselves and their employees.  The EEC team does not expect perfection, but truly promotes an atmosphere of excellence.  Elipsis Engineering measures its success by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations and a job well done.  We are not driven by greed or large profit margins.    EEC develops its business through establishing strong relationships with our clients, building relationships with other professionals through membership organizations and teaming together with companies who provide similar services.  

Our main office is located in Downtown Winter Garden at the corner of Main Street and Story Road.  We maintain a state-of-the-art construction materials testing laboratory that is accredited by CMEC and approved by FDOT to perform all soils and concrete materials testing necessary for construction projects.  The test methods performed in our laboratory are governed by ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials), AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials), and ACI (American Concrete Institute).  Our laboratory and staff can handle a large volume of work.  Each of our laboratory technicians are experienced and fully qualified and certified to perform all tests.  To maintain the integrity of our laboratory, in-depth annual inspections and audits are performed by CMEC and FDOT.